What I recommend………….

Here are some christian movies, that are really good, and that I recommend for you to see.

Courageous — It is really good for fathers and men because it explains what their role is supposed to be as fathers. Ladies you can watch it too!!!

God’s Not Dead— It is about this college boy who wants to prove that God is not dead.But he has an atheist professor who believes God is dead, and he will flunk the boy if he don’t admit that God is dead.

Do You Believe — There are many different stories being shown in this movie. Some are being persecuted for their beliefs, others are being told about Jesus.But all the stories dwindle down to one question.. Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

Facing the giants — A football coach for a high school is about to be put out of his job. The team has not won one game the whole season. He and his wife want a baby but tragic news “blows up” that hope. Their struggling  financially and they need hope. Then they find out that Jesus is their only hope and that he will help them overcome the giants of fear.


7 thoughts on “What I recommend………….

      1. Have you ever felt like people don’t understand you, then they take it the wrong way and they call you rude, when you didn’t mean it that way, uugg it is BAD. 😦 😦 But I think things are straightened up now, so…

      2. Yeah. I have a friend who tried to share Jesus with someone, and the person she was talking to replied “Don’t judge me!” and she walked off. My friend didn’t mean to be rude, but the girl took it the wrong way. The Lord has to work on her heart. But, that’s good that things are straightened out now.

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