No longer a slave


Please forgive me for not posting in a very long time. I’ve just been busy with summer activities. Camps, church, the beach, and the Olympics etc.

I entitled my post no longer a slave because there is a song with the exact same name. The song tells about how we are no longer slaves to fear. But a child of God.

With Jesus’ help; if we ask him, we can be no longer slaves to anything. Anxiety, stress, fear, worry, sin…. Whatever might be bothering you in this life.

Galations 4:7 says that, You are no longer slaves, but God’s child. And since you are his child you have become his heir.

And John 8:36 says that “So if the son has set you free than you SHALL be free indeed.

If you ask God to help you with whatever you might be struggling with he will help you. Like the verse says ‘than you shall be free indeed’

Free from whatever is bothering you, attacking you, holding you ‘hostage’. With his help we can no longer be slaves to anything in this life.

And since we are no longer slaves, we are God’s child.

And no one could ever pluck us from his hand.