I’m Back And Here To Stay

Howdy. Hey guys. Hey y’all. Hola. What does one say to the people she hasn’t spoken to since January? It has been a hectic last few months, and wowzers, it’s been a long ride. I guess y’all deserve to know what I’ve been doing in my 10 months absence. Just know, I didn’t totally forget about this blog. I actually started writing quite a few posts, but I never published them. It’s not that I didn’t want to share Jesus anymore, I just got in a bad place mentally, I stressed myself out, got depressed, and just lost track of my faith. But, as you’ll learn later in this post, I got my fire back for Jesus. What a journey it has been. And now, I’m back and here to stay. So, here’s a little update on myself.

January 2018: I had an incredible experience at one of my church’s winter retreats. There will be a post coming on this soon. But just know that this experience changed my life.

February 2018: Well, I got caught up in the wrong crowd. Honestly, I felt depressed this whole month because of friends. And boys. Especially boys, because it was the month of “love” and ya girl was still single. And I had driver’s ed. I don’t usually like being around new people but I had to swallow my timidness and pass the class. Which by the way, I was top of my class 🙂 Oh, and I started volunteering in children’s church at my church.

March 2018: The month of our biggest cheer competition of the year. I’m not going to go into too much detail but WE DOMINATED. So this month was a lot better than February had been. But… once again I got caught up with the wrong people. I started talking to a guy.. but it ended quick. He didn’t want a totally 100% on fire for Jesus Christian girl. He wanted the “Christian” but not THE CHRISTIAN. Thankfully God helped me to shake it off. Because that one stung quite a bit.

April 2018: Honestly I don’t even remember anything from April. Oh yeah, I severely sprained my ankle and I had to wear a brace on it for the next 5 months. And, I had to drive the driver’s ed car with my injured foot. That was fun.

May 2018: Ah May. Tons of softball practices (I was catcher) and ya girls birthday :))))) I turned 15. But this was 6 months ago, so only 6 more months till I’m 16. Oh and by the way, I spent 3 hours at the DMV waiting, but I finally got my permit.

June 2018: Struggled to finish up freshman year.

July 2018: Start of the continuous beach trips. And an amazing summer camp at my church. This camp also changed my future, which I’ll have a post coming soon about that as well.

August 2018: More beach trips, cheer camp, four-wheeling, paint-balling, DISNEY WORLD, and even more beach trips. It was an amazinggggg summer. And, my dream came true. God allowed my youth group leader to put me in the youth band!! I had always wanted to sing in the band, and now I am! The first song I sang as the lead was King of My Heart <—– (here’s the link to my favorite version of it. Go listen)

September 2018: Start of sophomore year. Let the school depression begin.

October 2018: I started distancing myself from the negative and bad influences in my life. I got away from the people who would drag me down. I didn’t hang out with the “click” anymore. I became just me. A solo act. Someone who talks to everyone and shares the light of Christ wherever she goes. This was a big change for me because I’m usually very shy and I don’t like hanging around people I don’t know. So, I always stayed in the click to make myself feel secure. But, once I got out of my comfort zone and allowed God to work through me, I became my own person. And I’m able to be a role model to the young and old. I’m able to shine God’s light to everyone I meet. And I can greet and say hello to total strangers, and I’m not even scared anymore. I became genuinely happy, and I wasn’t sad and depressed like I once was.

November 2018: Still struggling with school. Need more driving hours. So many christmas play lines to memorize (I’m Imogene Herdman in my church’s production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever) And, I’M SINGING FOR BIG CHURCH AT MY CHURCH. Which is pretty much, I get to sing on Sunday mornings now for the adults, and not just for the youth. That’s a huge blessing and a dream come true and I can’t thank God enough for it. But honestly, amidst all this hustle and bustle, I’m happy and oh so thankful for God’s goodness. And especially his love, because he never gave up on me.


So yeah, that’s what has been up with me for the past 10 months. A few more posts are coming soon, but I’m back and here to stay now. Through all this I learned that GOD HAS A PLAN FOR MY LIFE. That, I AM SPECIAL AND OH SO LOVED. And that HE WILL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART IF YOU JUST LIVE FOR HIM. Thank you God for never giving up on me. He never gave up on me, and he’ll never give up on you either.

Thanks for reading and I’m so blessed that I can share my journey with y’all. God bless all of you.

-Cupcakegirl10 ❤