My testimony

It was the summer of 2009 and I was a 6 or 7 year old first grader. I had taken gymnastics since I was 5 years old. Gymnastics was far away from my school and where I lived. I would go out there one night a week and practice for 2 hours 5:30-7:30; after school. It was a good 45 minutes drive from my school, and since we had to travel far we went to gymnastics straight from school. It was an evening practice and I was preteen (that’s the level before you started competing) so we got worked hard. Even the U.S.A Olympic team had been there before! Not to practice but to watch. It’s hard for a kid to get up at 7:00 work 8 hours in school and then work hard at a evening practice for two hours. I remember that my sister, my mom, and I would always eat an Oatmeal Cream Pie on the drive home for a snack. We always had water in our cup holders in the car, and we would drink up the whole bottle! But, that’s not how this night ended.

We ate in the car on the way there. What I mean by we is my mom and myself. I have a brother and a sister too but my brother was little at the time and my sister had, had a class earlier so momma had dropped her off at my aunt’s since my dad had to work. Once we got there we rushed in and changed in the locker room/bathroom since we were a little late.

They called my class name and I rushed to get out on the floor since we had to do something like a role call to make sure everyone was there. Momma had forgotten to pray protection over me before I went out like she always did. I remember I was really, super tired that day and I was struggling with some moves. But I kept pushing myself. Sometime later my right wrist started hurting. They had wrist braces there but I was little and tooafraid to ask. Then my coach whose name was Mrs.Moe said let’s start working on back handsprings. I had seen older girls perform the trick before so I was looking forward to doing it. My coach got out what we called a “cheese mat” it looked like a slice of cheese. It was a slanted mat so to speak.

We started doing back handsprings one by one. But, she noticed that I was catching on the quickest. So she decided to let me try a few by myself. I did them perfectly and my coach then called over another coach who coached the older girls, to watch me. I did it and then they wanted to see it again. They gave me some pointers and I tried again. By then my wrist had started hurting bad so I decided it my mind “I’m going to put more weight on my left wrist so my right one won’t hurt as much”. Wrong decision.

I flipped back to do the move then “Crack” something broke. I myself didn’t hear the crack but everyone else did. Even my mom who was sitting on the other side of the room on the bleachers behind a wall heard it. Then thinking all was well I looked around. Everyone was staring at me waiting to see what I would do. But I never cried, never yelled, never screamed, I would have never known I had broke something until I looked down at my arm.

I looked at it in tears. I wasn’t crying of pain but of shock of how it looked. It was bent. You know how your wrist bends up and down. Move your wrist into the down position and look at it. That’s how my arm looked. Now grab the top of your arm close to the wrist but down some. Now imagine that looked like your wrist (still in the down position). That’s how it looked. I called it the “puppet master” don’t ask me why I guess it looked like a puppet.

Then the coaches started hurrying over to me and yelling at momma go get ice. There was a balcony with concrete stairs leading up to it where the teachers/workers ate. Momma got ice while all the coaches lay me down on the mat. They started looking at my arm. While they were helping lay me down I saw momma quick as a flash jump over the wall between the bleachers/ watching area and the mat where we worked. She quickly came over with the ice and sat down next to me saying “It’s okay baby”.

Then someone asked one of my teachers to distract me so they could look at my arm. The coach whose name was Coach Jen was asking me questions like “Have you ever been to Disney World” or “Do you like Disney World think of Mickey Mouse and the rides”. But before she could finish I started saying “am I going to have to get a cast? I don’t want a cast” and I started crying. I guess I was still in shock from what happened and I wasn’t able to conceive what was happening until then. Then I heard my mom say something on my left side; since my head was turned to the right to look away from my arm and at the coach trying to distract me.

I heard her question “will she have to go to the hospital?” The answer was yes. They got a jacket and put the ice in it and wrapped it around my arm. I don’t know how we got out of the building and into the car but I know as we were walking out of the building the lady who owned the place and who worked at the registration desk offered to drive us there. So momma gave her the keys to the car. I don’t remember how we got in the trunk of the car but we did. Momma was holding the ice wrapped in one of my coaches jackets her name was Coach Jen. Mrs. Marilyn which was the lady’s name who owned the gym. Drove us to the hospital.

I remember feeling really, really, really tired then. Like I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. But momma kept saying “Don’t go to sleep keep your eyes open.”  My body was trying to shut down since I had gotten hurt. But God helped me not fall asleep by making me say “The ice is too cold on me”. Then momma replied “Honey, you have to keep it on and don’t fall asleep.” Thankfully we got to the hospital and Mrs. Marilyn told the hospital about me and my accident and they sent out a guy with a wheel chair to roll me into the hospital.

Again, I don’t remember how they got me into the wheel chair or the hospital but I do remember that their where some children playing in the waiting room/play room with toys and I wanted to stick my tongue out at them. Since they were staring at me and I was so upset. But, the Lord helped me not to and he helped me not think things like that any more while I was there. Somehow they got me into an examination room.

A nurse walked in and put my arm on a piece of wood and looked at it. She kept turning my arm in different directions and I said “Ow” some times. Shortly after they moved me to the x-ray room. It was cold and dark and it was just me and the doctor.

When I came out they wheeled me back to my room. Then my main coach, Mrs. Moe came in the room with momma and said to me “I brought you something”and she gave me a stuffed brown teddy bear and a princess blanket from the store. Then she gave momma a Mountain Dew. We both thanked her and then she said she had to get back to the gym since she had one more class to coach.

After she left the doctor talked to my momma about what was going to happen and then came to me. He showed her the x-ray and said that I had broken; not fractured, but literally snapped in two, two bones called the Ulna and the Radius. But, God protected me from having to have surgery. Because with a break like that, I could of had to have surgery to fix a torn muscle. But I didn’t have to have surgery!

The doctor told me that I was going to go to sleep and when I woke up my bone would be fixed and that I might see two of him. But, before I fell asleep my momma said she heard me say “Jesus help me, Jesus help me!” I didn’t even know I was saying it!

Momma had contacted my aunt and she told her what had happened and  that we were going to be home late. Then I fell asleep tucked under the blanket I had gotten from Mrs. Moe. I remember falling asleep on my stomach and dreaming about a long yellow road with a pink background. With cars filled with animals such as hippos, elephants, and giraffes. Once I woke up I didn’t see two of the doctor! I was fine! There was no pain either.

Then I saw my arm elevated on a pillow with wrapping and bobby pin looking things to hold it together. You might ask, did you have pins in your arm? No, I didn’t thank the Lord! I had to use the bathroom really bad, but since I was hooked up to an IV bag I couldn’t move. Once the IV bag was done I was able to go.

It felt good to get out of that stuffy room and into the bathroom and out the hospital door! Momma then told me while I was asleep the doctor popped my bone back into place.She also said she was praying for me constantly. Because it looked scary to see what he had to do to fix my arm.

I don’t remember driving home but I do remember what happened once I got there. We drove to my aunt’s house, since my dad was working my aunt watched my brother and sister. When we got in the house I saw my siblings looking at me and my aunt/cousin looking too. It was late so we got in the car and drove home.


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