White As Snow

Hey guys. I’m back. But sadly, I can make no promises in how frequently I’ll be able to post. A have a lot of my plate at the moment but, I promise I haven’t forgotten about this blog.

As we are still taking a break from the series, Knowing You Are Special. Today, in the midst of all the cold weather and snow, I thought this post would be appropriate.

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Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

Have you ever struggled in your Christian life with the question, “God will never forgive me of this”. Or maybe you’ve thought something along the lines of, “How could God possibly forgive my horrible past?”. Or maybe even, “How can God forgive me of everything? I’ve done so many horrible things in my life.” If you’ve asked yourself something along these lines, you are not alone. Every Christian sometime in their walk with God needs to be reminded and maybe even told, Jesus took it all.

You see, when Jesus died on the cross he took EVERYONE’S sins upon him. He died so we could have freedom and forgiveness of our sins. Once we get saved and we accept Jesus into our hearts, we are given forgiveness. At no cost to us, Jesus freely gave us forgiveness. He sacrificed himself for us, and because of this we have freedom.

Psalm 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

The east and west are totally different directions. That is (metaphorically speaking) how far Jesus has removed our sins from us. If only we ask him.

You could be the most horrible person on this Earth. You could have killed hundreds of people, drank thousands of quarts of beer, smoked hundreds of cigarette packs, or maybe even stolen millions of dollars worth of money; Jesus still offers forgiveness. No matter what you’ve done in this life, if you ask Jesus’ forgiveness, he will freely give it to you in abundance. Because Jesus loves you so much, he died for you, was buried, and rose to life again for you. So you wouldn’t have to go to Hell when you die, but instead be with him in Heaven. He died on the cross so you could have freedom but most importantly, FORGIVENESS.

Though your sins could be as red as scarlet. They shall become like wool. This bible verse is stating that, no matter how deep, dark, or bad your sin is, Jesus can forgive you. Think of a white cloth that has been stained with dirt. You try everything but you can’t clean those stains. You end up only making it worse. But, you happen to find Oxyclean in your cabinet. And you use that stuff to clean your cloth. Your once dirty, stained cloth is now white again. Think of Jesus as the Oxyclean. You can try everything, but without Jesus you can never have your sins forgiven. All you have to do is ask him and he’ll forgive you. That’s how amazing God is.

So if you ever feel you’ve committed a sin that can never be forgiven, just ask Jesus to forgive you. Because if you are truly sorry for your sin, he will indeed forgive you. He shall make you WHITE AS SNOW. Your once dark, black, and sinful life is now turned into something white as snow.




Once you ask forgiveness of your sins, those old sins are now gone forever. Instead of spelling out ARE, those ARE your sins, white as snow spells out WAS. Those WAS your sins, those WERE your sins. Your sins are now in the past as far as the east is from the west. And Jesus has now made you WHITE AS SNOW.




Special thanks to http://www.leesbird.com for the beautiful video about God’s creation in the season, winter.

Psalm 74:17  It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth; you made both summer and winter.


Pray for people in the New England area!

In my ‘Pray for snow’ post I told you about how the New England area is getting pounded with snow. You may think that’s cool getting snow and all, but lives have been lost and homes have been damaged. And more snow is coming! I just want you to pray for all the people who have lost loved ones or have had severe damage to their cars and their homes. Thanks!

Pray for SNOW!!!!

Have you heard about how the New England area is getting pounded with snow? When I say pounded I mean 1 foot of snow in a minute, roofs caving in, some people have died too! Some people really want snow, like me! (and if you say you hate snow you are really hating one of the things God made.) God made snow so wonderful. Have you ever heard the saying “No two snowflakes are alike?” well it’s true! Scientists have studied many snow flakes with their microscopes and all the snowflakes they examine seem to have a different size, and design! 2 years ago when we did not get any snow I was a little disappointed. But, my mama said “Maybe the Lord said no to snow this year because, what if someone did not have a home and it snowed on them?” I told her that that was a good reason. So, I waited and guess what? Last year we got 3 snowstorms!(a nice snowstorm 6 inches to be exact not 1 foot!) But God always answered our prayers. Like a song says…. “Sometimes God answers yes when I pray (clap clap). Sometimes God answers wait when I pray (clap clap). Sometimes God answers no, just because he loves me so. But I know God answers when I pray. It still has not snowed where I live but, I know God answered my prayer he either said wait or no. I will still love him if he does not bless us with snow though. But I would really like some snow! (: